Wedding Estates – Scottsdale, AZ Edition

Welcome to the world of wedding estates! What is a wedding estate, you might ask? It’s the opportunity for you to have an entire compound for you, your fiancee, your family and friends. It offers the ultimate flexibility by providing so many options for your wedding day. Instead of only getting a venue for 6 […]

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Exploring Marriage, Traditions and Wedding Venues with the Avowed Podcast

Last week I was thrilled and honored to talk more about Venues & Vows and our wedding venues with the Avowed Podcast! What is the Avowed Podcast?  Wedding cake baker turned Podcast-er Extraordinaire, Jasmine Lilly, started a new conversation about weddings that discusses traditions, societal expectations, and the evolving nature of love, relationships and weddings. […]

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Finding the Perfect DJ For Your Wedding Reception

If you are having your wedding in Scottsdale, AZ you probably know the town’s reputation for its incredible nightlife, full of amazing parties and DJs that are always ready to deliver a night you will never forget. So, if you’re concerned about the DJ’s ability to keep the party going and entertain your guests all […]

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Top 3 Affordable and Luxurious Venues in Scottsdale, AZ

Congratulations on your engagement! I am sure there is a lot of planning to do and perhaps you are still not sure where to host your wedding. If that’s the case, I can suggest the perfect city: Scottsdale, Arizona. The perfect blend of scenery, warmth and entertainment. Located in the grand Phoenix area, Scottsdale is […]

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New Orleans – The Perfect Place to Have Your Bachelorette Weekend

 Welcome to New Orleans (NOLA)! This is one of the most sought after US cities, with its crazy nightlife, tantalizing cuisine, distinguished culture, vibrant architecture and amazing music on every corner. You and your guests will have an endless list of fun things to do! We’ve provided a guide to the best neighborhoods, restaurants, and […]

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My Backyard Wedding – Dinner Reception: Menu or Buffet or…?

There isn’t just *one* way to do dinner for your wedding. In fact, you may not have an evening celebration at all. I was just at reception that was a brunch! The bride and groom decided they wanted a quick ceremony and to have a day-long celebration so they started with a brunch complete with […]

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My Backyard Wedding – Bachelorette Party

Tradition says before the romantic day there should be one last ride for the bride – and groom, of course. Bachelorette parties are not mandatory but they sure are a great excuse to gather your best friends for some adventure that will generate fun memories for a lifetime. Maybe you are not a big party […]

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